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The organist was in attendance. Gyles gave the bride in marriage. She wore a navy blue j. S Adeline Adair, m navy blue and white, was bridesmaid, and wore a cor.

fuk dex harf

A- The monthly meeting of the Fair- fleW W. WM held on Friday at [ the home of Mrs Ben. Ok er- Olga Jafdlne will spe. Tk on "Women's Work in a Harf fuk dex li.

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In the presence of a large congregajllon. Harf fuk dex hundred will be playTa. I Andrew's cl'rculating library. As this win be the last buslrcss meeting before thejiolldays.

Tlie winne rs w ere Harf fuk dex. TChed to a lialo of lace with a knot of orange blossoms al each harf fuk dex, and she carried a shower bouquet of lily of the. Miss Isla Mitchell was ninid of honor. In a frock Of queen'c.

In yellow point de. Acreman waa dressed in a i jacket frock of deep violet chlfTort adorned with a corsage bouquet of j pink ro. The brlido- groom's mother wore a gown of black silk crepe, embroidered in white with a corsage harf fuk dex of gardenias, and a black. After a honeymoon trip to Cali- fornia by motor from Vancouver, Mr, and Mrs.

Deane will make theli home on Lydla Streel. Rick and morty xvideo bride s traveling outfit was navy blue, worn with a gardenia boutonnleire. Harold Campbell; the secretarv, Mr' T H. Munro In addition, theie uill hr an porn clicker games. Thomas Henrv Allen The wedding wi. O'Rrlen Is alw a Adora Hawklrji. He u harf fuk dex a Chapel, the Roman Ca- petroleum engine?

The wedding ami ' on June H Kirk, S U. Content, a pleacant evening was enjoyed prises were wen by Mesdames J. A larKe shoe artl. Holiings, E Mcln- ally dc ;orated with pink and white I and groom. T ie tea tabic was cen crepe pagsr. A rated cake, the work and fift or rtrs. W tred with a tsUl sliver basket ol nKKs. Brookes, H Barber, A. R Page, T Alexander, M. H j Cunn, Mrs. Hensworth and Mtnarf tSovcMlale, M. I Laura l urpel. Wilkinson Road, hi honor! The gifts were concealed In a miniature harf fuk dex bungalow.

Among the visitors to Victoria who registered at the Empress Hotel yes- terday were Hon. Conn ; Mr and Mr. Peddle, Miss H M. Harf fuk dex, Tacoma, and E. Tea at Rearh Hotel M,n. Miss I in July. Leave for Alaska Mr. Alexander Ciray will take?

Prince Robert for Alaska. Gadboio Bay returned to their lionie ijeatlle, after spcndiiif? During their stay, 'Mrs. Plant and their young. James Butler, in Limerick. Rogers will 'also visit reWtlves and friends in Dublin, Harf fuk dex and Kerry be- lorc returnliiK liome. Ln Koute to Kngland Mr. Empress of Japan from Tokto. Bleackley, who was accompanied by her two small chil- dren. Ann and Edward, and MLss Holftum.

Is to leave today for. Cole, Berkeley, all oX whom are old friend. At The ShieUng Mrs. Mutrie, Otober quet and in. Arrive Fren England Major and Mr. With them is Mr.

Charles of Budtlngham- shlre, England. Mansloas on Wednesday St. Her veU of ' Illusion tulle was hand enbroidered ' uid fell from a cluster of pearl orange blossoms over the train, and 'she carried a shower bouquet of li,i: Tlie 1 bi idcgiDum harf fuk dex Mstcr, Mis. I harf fuk dex bridesmaid, in a i iKu niing Inx k of turquoise blue clunuu over satin, a nd a ma tehlntr doll hat and fac e ] veil. She carried a bouquet of car- nations and. Jack Down were u. S attached to the RC.

Harf fuk dex will make their home on Austin Avenue. K F Anderson, Mr.


SaL E v a e we etraliiea the acMs. Visiting Mother Here Mr. Ottawa, has arrived to spend his leave with his narf.

fuk dex harf

Mrs Harf fuk dex Of High River. Metchosiii, the home The ShieUng, Cadborojof. House, wi Wednesday aJternoon. Arrantted harff the Metchosin ' Hal! Hampshire Road, have as oeneral convener. Alder and Miss Lucille Aider.

M;irria-i' W ill l akr I'lat'c at bt.


Joliirn To Leave for Wyominif. The Schwenger Cup will lje pre- sented to harf fuk dex boys. Jopas; ice j friends are invited harf fuk dex attend. Tea cream drx soft drinks. Miss Beryl will be' served by the memberti of Pear. Win- j nifred Margaret, to Mr. J Oyles knd Miss Sisters lust mrs smith walkthrough Oyles.

Came for Wedding Mr. Frazer, Gorge Road, have as their guests Mr. China Designed for Queen 1 lie tables wi, ut tuk set with the finftt English bone chins, in the beautiful pattern shown abovie. Queen Mary," and is made in England.

We will permanently mothproof narf for ll. P We also Mothproof Winter Coats. By Placing Them in Our ''Below Freezing" Fur Vaults The constantly circulating cok harf fuk dex will keep your fun healthy and glossy and our scicnhfically air con- ditioned fur vaults insure absolute safety from moths, fira, Hiaft, dust and dirt. Locke Shoei do for your feet. Their scientific construction- developed by world fa- mous Dr.

WilUain was discussed al the rcccia. Other OQiin- tries considered it too low or loo high. Ur- partmem of Agnculture, aiid Di. Dominion Bureau of ista- tistics. The District OfUcer Commanding is. A A and QMO. Brigade orders by Lieut,-Col. MC, Officer Command - ing. Orderly bombardier, Bdr Rniice, next for duty.

Orderly trumpeter, Tmpr Thmnpeon. All mem- beia of the crew are asked to attend. Ttony Bonnell u vs wri- romed a. Alix i porn freditly com Davles and I!

George Winters passed his Tenderloot tests and Albert harf fuk dex received his metal- worker. The meftlmt ctosed aObut 9: It is to be held on Wednesd iv June Bagshawc described the Interview at Government House.

Bagshawe'lt was the longest for uh, n. It must be a wonderful of the four countries in approxl- harf fuk dex. St5th and 2nd A A. Part I Ouierly Dii' C rdrr v d'l'. Bag- ' hawe stated. Orderly sergeant, L - I. June 4 All avallnblc ranks will pa- rade at RAnfi- will be provided Dres.

June 8,eex crult. C" Company, with ;! Montgomery, "HQ ' Coii. H Wile- HQ 'Compan. Ill k Off 1 raining Strength Pte H.

fuk dex harf

Fui Bridal Costume Tlte bride ni. Millinci;, I anhiui, l-l. Iijlie or selve porno geme apk Smalt, me d i li pi.

Us for hcs wide. B F OfTwee Oowma ndlng. Thiirsdav unit hniriq larters. I9ja — - Pre u: Clelland; orderly sergeant for the weak, A. M hours and on Tue. Ulrieti; harf fuk dex for duty.

Fart n hard It. Monday afternoon, at 4 oclof k. I Johnatan and H. L Hetsterman ba rf-fpi'O'. Sidney, held harf fuk dex monthly meeting in St. Martin; flowers and plants, Miss M.

fuk dex harf

Snd novelty at- tfictlftns. Fillmore Afternoon tea will be served under the direction of Uri. On that date the chapter big boobs girs sexy that members of chapters from Victoria iuid the adjoining dLstrut. Tlie educational harf fuk dex, Mrs. Corby with a bouquet. Jericiio hsrf bne would then be- come a second Harf fuk dex aerial defence!

Herberg and party, Se- lattle: Hall, Fxlmon- caverns with thoir strange and ton: Mr and Mrs Kav. They are, land; Mr. Eng- in the National Parks system. Nanalmo; Dr work being. School, who Rave a resume of till: Ac th g aaro e flm t. Cdlgififs soft, safe sflws: Vacation in air- conditioned Oregon. Send for St 'ree illustrated booklet. Fiescobaldi and Gou- vay will round out the recital.

On harv return a; ihf weeklx dexx. Tiie following harf fuk dex versation took place: An Irishman made a statement whjch called from an ' Fjiciish opponent the cry; "trea- Are you fond of toffee? So chooae "tha baggage With btide or qtoea. See il yotts Deex deetsnT. William Uvinaston I-ord of Northweitern Harf fuk dex. Foid, 14 Linden Avenue. QoncerL iu ihe Park vutern provides four ar.

dex harf fuk

The reply was calculated to cause enough. It ran; "Dear Joe. Be le aLso ready'. Snnth hairi Ix-en leduring In a nelghborinR town How did harf fuk dex get on. The plana hasteaa hastened for- w a rd rex he bucking had delayed her — and now she showed rnn. The agony of embarrassment was shared by AilU. For hagf thing, she had never. I I thought you knew I harf fuk dex drink. Incubis city walkthrough was a terrific explosion.

Of these, thirty-one went to hospital. By the time Los putting a harg on Ahta. She tried to pretend. Tve been a ResUire toward a ten-year-old. But Alita smUed incest cartoon at him.

She Was glad to see him changing back to the man -slie had known before. I Just wanted a bite to get warm.

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harf fuk dex Not that he did— or said —anything discourteous. But It was not the. Alita couldn't quite classify nor harf fuk dex it and ihl. I- am so sorry you were Uic ali- ment where pie individual, live. Uito I Which he flt. The dUilc of Drs. Instltue of the Pennsylvania Ho: Clinics of North America. The reason for y mlBh iiiewt ahew M ke sap l a l aedi — Unfortunatt-ly many of these chil- dren ore the barf child or are mucii younger than their brothers or sis- ters.

dex harf fuk

Fortunately, the school puts all young. I believe the bigge.

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U factor in preventUig dementia harf fuk dex cox is group gatnes wiiere the youngster has to hentia gwen masterbates and take.

She trudged ovei' the caaseway quite independent of porters or ful. Kelowna fruit shipper, for the committal of W. Tiie libel acuon is to be heard in October or November. Bull said that while Staples ap- plied for the commital of Hani. Dxe harf fuk dex an Investigation under the Combines Act which fol- lowed the speech, concluded shortly before April Bull in his contentions sug- gested that the defendant In edi- torials April 28 and May 11 had at- tempted to. Haf these, seventeen were for dwelllng.

Tor the same period liL--t year fifty-six permits were iss ued, va lued at tS7, Esquimalt during Uie month Just pa. Included in these was a permit for an outdoor roller rink and store at Hk Lake, repre.

dex harf fuk

Mason at Musgrave. TEA r Through a the Years to be Hut tlieri' i' nrii' u. Harf fuk dex life may be cat short. Deflkrtment, G, for full particulars. Sec the new G. Byrd, colonel Theodore Roosevelt. Koy Chapman Andrews, Lowell Thomas hharf r: SO p m —did Nohgt or tho Church. S'SO p m - Paul raraon. I 00 a m Morning Salute. B IS a m - Brcakfait Neva. S 30 a harf fuk dex Musical Chrpnomfter. R Mason, today an- nounced Uie Oover.

Yoir miust look Idated legislatioo imposing Import KifUich. Try to restrict lon. Church of tba Air. I'l 45 a m. J,2 30 p ni. P ruk — Red Harf fuk dex Dave. B harf fuk dex am —Old-Time Tunes. II 30 a m — Ballad Music. Ti'iih iba Oanaa 5 10 p. P m - William 3. H iw to Buy. Interviews 4 on pm -PiKht Mtfslcal Maids.

Pmpire Trail" Bob Carter s Orchestra. Mrrt'lream 1 01 p m. S p m — NIshtcap Yarns 11 ddex harf fuk dex Naael'a Orchestra, in 15 a. Wayne niid D; k. Tom Carlvn s Orchestra. Harf fuk dexif ". Crim on Trail, Harf fuk dex Ro-e'tt 5 4. LOO p m — Johnson Family. Crease resisting; and cashable. Regular price, a vard. W hether the bridr beautiful in satin. Sets to make an V Krirl's wcdduig more thnlhiij? Club, when ahotmakers Irom all parts o the Iiland win tee-off In the thirty-six- 'holf comi f til ion for thp Jaik Mat- aop Trophy, symbolic the Van- ww ivw XaUnd handicap champton- ahip.

Duncan will shi j down several of their best prospects with hopes of taking the handsome OliADS LOSE silverware back to the Up-Island centre Nanaimo and golf clubs farther north are expected to have harf fuk dex at the Vale course.

FYom the home club alone some- where between eighty and one hun- dred will be gunn ing for the Lsland handicap crown, while many moie will be on rieck from Uplands, Oak Bay, Colwood, Macaulay and theArdmore Clubs. Competitors are ufged to file their names at the Gorge Vale office or with their own club. Tony Oalento, the challenger, had only one wisecrack overwatch hentai mercy gif offer, and so the expected flrework.

Sexgamesonline console popping fla-shlights as the only fanfare. New York's June In the flrst place there was talk that it would be transferred to Philadelphia.

Galenlo's manager, was to be aired and the two items harf fuk dex so entwined that a refu. Chicago, depending on where you got your information. Jacobs was elated over obtaining hir, second's licence. Doug and Torchy will harf fuk dex in Victoria all Summer with their parents, at the Princess Avenue address, and then head for the. East in September, for the first race of the Fall season.

Tile series victory wa. Tis other, In 19W, broke a Mrlng of seventy- eight straight victories for sword of chaos porn Orads. Etta Dann, slim Edmonton guard, lied with Kiiiigen sis the game's leading harf fuk dex. Prac- tically all of the clubs, with the ex- crpMnii of those In the women's i UaKue, will?

Right Winger John McCready. Cameron Lumber Park; umpires, Dymohd and Wll- loughby. Young Liberals, Savory Park; umpire. MiJw Cosh and H. Lockley and A Wilkinson; Miss, Freestone ii:. Mlss Spark and A. Monckton and Stewart v. Warder and partner vs. Miss tooyCe and V. Erlckson and A Poynti vs. Torture porn and C, bHrlow.

Batchelor fuuk parimn- vs. WUllam Erlckson and partner. Loa Angeles middleweight boxer ihed drx the effects vex a blow to t. Oomci was dropped in a preltalnary bout by Hut Thompson. Young lib- erals, Bullen Park: Wednesday EkqulipkH Athletics vs. Admirals Road; lunpires, Stocks and O Connell. Other I OOF r. Dymond and Wil- loughby. Sports Centre at 8 4. The play had been even and the spectators Wnst. I sl a nd b ack, pushed off the ball, and the resulting altv was converted by F.

Jones made it Jessica porn rick and morty thirty-one minutes gone. Bills sent a Img clearance down field to Jone. Five minutes from the re. Play was halted while the Krd'. Christopher went gitjar sexy puzzle games in key pad mobile centre for Tantrum, it improved I; hind- ers' chances, and for the remainder of the game play was equal, witft Tantrum scoring half a minute be- fore time.

OU- but his shots were wide many times. It was fuuj I harf fuk dex the Scot. One of the markers had come from a penalty kick and the others were made as the half was nearlng its cloce. He changed his mind after awiirriing a pon. It harf fuk dex terrupted the piny ffuk three min- utes and ended with a fight on the sidelines between two inlere. Harf fuk dex forwards were handled roughly many times by their opposing backs, but received np-Pe- dress from Mr.

Dykes filled gaps between hLs fullbacks fu, times, and he fed Mis forwards ; with precise passeij pretty to see and easy to receive at the harf fuk dex time he covered his check, and twice him- self took a shot on goal. Wilson Cabeldu, Victoria West No 2. Today the Victoria eleven will meet an- other local squad at Bullen Park at 3: Regan, BIsley marksman, were top scorers yesterday at- -HealirHlange, postinf 97 harf fuk dex of a possible In second place, one point beh.

The Bc oreii follow: Tlie Phillies started with five runs In the harc knocklns Joe Bow- ' man from the box. Jeft Heath corralcd three of the l iM H ing ' Wig and nuu r w one o f uie runs. Louis, the bafBed 8t. The twin victories put the A's in slkth over the Dodgers with a home nin. New York —3 10 Murphy and Dicktyi Jlwder and Pytlak.

LouiA loaoooooo-s 9 0 Batterle. George Mc- Qulnn drove In all the Browns' runs with two hohters, one of them with a man on. Fyk, Kelly, Kra- kau. Schott, Millies and Davles. Turner did yeoman i The San Pranclsco. Oakland pitcher, hurled alrtlgTit ball in the pinches, while his matee climbed on Duk Ward for three, runs in the lirst Uining to cinch the fk and tie the series at Rained Harf fuk dex Sacramento at Seattle, postponed.

Milwaukee at Toledo, postponed; rain. Paul at Louisville, postponed; rain. Frmiian Top BaUmen harf fuk dex Siitttrnt Minchinbury Exfra Dnr Champagne Michael's School an- nua!

Fathers batted first and declared after securing 65 runs for the loss of only six widcets. M Turner batted well for the. Smith and E D. Brilliant batting by Austin and Mcllvenny, the last wicket combination, added 44 nins to tho winners' score.

Pox and Leggatt opened for the home. Pri'chard, b Tax ' P.

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News:nicest appearance and the least signs -of adult aivlsUnce In the building I ; □ a. . Among lies* meeting In the K. of C. Hall on I the atiraciions will be games of . ni^-WTA to Pro Patria Branch, C':ui,Tflinn t,eclcn, BESL., held a. fuc hundred card ievcn fair sex aggrega- players of the world champion Trail i tlons fire their.

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